High yield in USD

Mutual Investment Funds are an effective way of investment of savings by investors

The fund pools investors’ funds to create a diversified portfolio of securities in order to reduce risks and obtain gain on the invested capital. All that is required of you is to purchase the Fund’s units, and professionals will take care of further management of securities.

A professional team with an experience in management of assets of over $200 million.
Reliability. The manager is one of the largest investment banks in the country. Holding of securities with an independent custodian bank.
Active management Regular monitoring
of portfolio rebalancing.
Optimization of investment costs through collective investment.
Less risk due to greater diversification.
Advanced investment strategies adapted to the risk appetite of shareholders.
«Halyk Global»

Halyk Global Mutual Funds
«Halyk Global»

  • Target yield of 10% per annum
  • Minimum investment amount - USD 100
  • Investment horizon – at least 1 year
  • Protection against devaluation of tenge. Investing in investment ideas in foreign currency
  • Redemption of units twice a year – February 15 and August 15
Income generation from fund sharesа
Rising prices of financial instruments
Dividends on shares
Coupons on bonds
Income from other financial instruments

Increase in the value of a share

Dividends from a share


Income of a shareholder

Acquisition of Fund’s units
Payment of units
Crediting units to the investor’s account
Redemption of units – withdrawal from the fund
Redemption application
Transfer of money
Technology sector
Precious metals
Energy Sector
Essential goods
Financial sector
Debt market
Please note:
  • By decision of the Management Company, dividends may be paid depending on the market situation.
  • Applications for redemption of the Fund’s units shall be executed at a price determined based on the estimated value of the unit at the end of the business day preceding the date of redemption of the units.
  • The ability to sell units in whole or in part through the filing of applications for redemption to the Management Company twice a year, or sale to another investor.
  • The value of units can increase or decrease, the results of investments in the past shall not determine the income in the future.
  • Receipt of applications for acquisition of the Fund’s units during the placement period shall be carried out every business day from 10:00 to 17:00
  • The government does not guarantee the return on investments in investment funds.
  • The Fund’s units shall be paid in US dollars or tenge. When paying in tenge, the Management Company shall convert the received amount at the current bank exchange rate at the time of conversion

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