Pension savings

Investments in a worthy future are in Your hands


To begin with, this is simple mathematics, because 3 is definitely more than 1!
If you manage your retirement savings together with Halyk Global Markets, you multiply them.

Prices on the real estate market in Kazakhstan are growing, but the stock market is developing even faster.

What will happen to real estate prices when the state programs “Baspana HIT”, “7-20-25” end and a five-year suspension of the real estate sale as part of housing improvement using pension savings is passed?

Are you buying an apartment to live in or to rent it out? You will spend time and money on inspections and minor repairs.

Are you investing your pension savings in buying real estate? No one can guarantee that your apartment or house will bring income in 20 years.

“The here and now” are parasites of time.
Successful people think ahead, they invest pension savings in profitable financial instruments and secure a decent future for themselves.

Therefore, if you trust you pension savings to Halyk Global Markets, your money makes money.

Together with Halyk Global Markets, you professionally invest you pension savings and decide how you will manage your money after retirement.

Direct your pension savings to multiply.
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Why Halyk Global Markets?

Average return on pension assets
  • Over 3 years: 9.6%
  • Over 5 years: 8.9%
  • Over 10 years: 7.6%
Средняя доходность пенсионных активов

Source: Integrated Accumulative Pension Fund (IAPF)

Target profitability

Halyk Global Markets JSC, in the management of pension assets:

Средняя доходность пенсионных активов

Average investment return of Halyk Global Markets on equity over various periods: 12.1% in 2020 and 16.2% over 5 years.

Average return of clients’ portfolio enumerated in the annual quantities as of year-end 2020: ~ 36 %.

In the management of pension assets, Halyk Global Markets plans to apply a moderately conservative strategy that will aim at maximum portfolio diversification, both in terms of currency structure (the share of assets in foreign currency is up to 50% of the size of pension assets) and by types of financial instruments (stocks, shares, exchange-traded funds, real estate funds and others). The advanced investment strategies used by Halyk Global Markets are aimed at creating a portfolio that is resistant to both weakening of the tenge and fluctuations in the stock markets.

Professional team

Experience in management of total assets of

> $ 200млн

Active management

  • Regular monitoring
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Reliable counterparts

Minimization of risks

Use of advanced investment strategies

  • High quality analytical coverage
  • Selection of the most promising ideas

Commission of Halyk Global Markets

3,5% of investment return

Benefits of Pension Asset Management from Halyk Global Markets:


Adequate equity and compliance with prudential standards by a wide margin.

Equity capital adequacy ratio
Regulator requirement
Liquidity ratio
Regulator requirement

Strong shareholder

The sole shareholder of the Company, the largest bank in Kazakhstan, is Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC. Long-term credit rating – “BB+/Stable”. Equity capital > 1.4 trillion tg.


Historically strong profitability performance and portfolio yield.


КThe team has wide experience in management of assets of insurance companies, large private investors, and its own portfolio.

As of… … -

As of 01.01.2021

Key points of transfer of pension assets

Citizens can transfer part of their savings that exceeds the sufficiency threshold to the management companies of their choice and entrust them with the investment management of their savings. The investor shall make the choice of management companies independently.

Tripartite control over the investment activities of management companies

Requirements to management companies:

Requirements to management companies:

The equity capital of the management company is at least 3 billion tenge, experience in management of an investment portfolio during the last thirty-six months preceding the date of inclusion in the register of managers, in the amount of at least 5 billion tenge, no facts of unprofitable performance based on the results of the last two years, compliance with prudential standards.

Sufficiency threshold for withdrawal of a part of pension savings

Citizens can transfer savings in excess of the sufficiency threshold into effective management of Halyk Global Markets

According to the data of IAPF at the beginning of 2021
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million KZT
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Financial indicators for 2020

20.9 billion tenge
19.0 billion tenge
Client assets under management
> > 39 billion tenge


1. Where can I get information about the amount available for targeted use and the state of pension savings?

This information can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Through the website of the IAPF and the personal cabinet of the depositor. In addition to this, with the help of the additional resource
  • Information on the state of pension savings is available on the website and through the eGov mobile application.
2. How will the mechanism of savings transfer to management companies be built? What does a depositor need to do to transfer part of own funds to a private management company?

The depositor shall apply to the IAPF in person or through the IAPF Internet resource. The management company does not see the depositors and does not interact with them directly, but only manages the pool of pension assets. IAPF shall independently carry out interaction with depositors based on performance results, administration of individual accounts and individual profitability.

3. Can contributors withdraw pension savings transferred to private management companies?

At present, the issue of withdrawal of a part of the investment return is under consideration.

4. What types of depositors will not be able to transfer pension assets to private management companies?
  • Depositors whose pension savings have not reached the sufficiency threshold
  • Depositors who have reached retirement age.
5. Will the depositors who transferred their savings to the management company have the opportunity to use the savings for other purposes in the future?

Depositors will have the right to transfer savings for other purposes within the time period established by law.

6. Will management companies guarantee investment return to depositors?

Pension asset managers must ensure a minimum level of return on pension assets. The minimum level of profitability is made up of the weighted average ratio of the nominal profitability of pension assets managed by all management companies. In the event of deviation between the manager’s nominal yield and the weighted average market yield by more than 30%, based on the results of the estimated period, the manager will have to reimburse the depositors for this difference at the expense of equity capital.

7. Is it possible to transfer pension assets from one management company to another or to return assets to the management of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan?

Depositors can transfer their pension savings into trust from one management company to another no more than once a year; return to the management of the National Bank is possible two years after the initial transfer of pension savings into trust management to a private management company.

8. How long can depositors’ savings be managed by private companies?

Until the depositor reaches retirement age.

9. Is the transfer of pension assets from IAPF to a management company subject to tax?

The transfer of pension savings from the IAPF to trust management of a private management company is not subject to tax.

10. Where will the list of investment companies be posted?

The register of companies is available at the following link.

11. When transferring funds to a private management company, does the investor have the right to regulate the parameters of the portfolio, which will be formed at the expense of his funds?

The depositor, when transferring his pension savings to a management company, shall agree with the investment strategy determined by the management company, established in its investment declaration, developed specifically for the investment of pension assets.

12. What will happen to the assets of depositors if the management company is revoked the license or liquidated?

In case of suspension or revocation of the license of the management company, pension assets held in the custodian bank will be returned to the custodian account of the IAPF in the National Bank.

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